First Tap, Ballet & Modern with Melody Bear age 4-5

Our fun First Tap & Modern syllabus, is the step up from Tip Tap Toe & Groovy Moves with Melody Bear.  Running alongside students’ first year’s at school, the class join Melody Bear to look at ways we learn and the exciting syllabus develops skills through stories and creative exercises.  Ideas explored include the warm up song, ‘Melody Bear says Ciao!’ where children learn to say greetings in different languages and the ‘Learn and Share’ song which has everyone lining up for school as the school bell rings.  No one wants to be late for Melody Bear’s lessons! The Jelly Walks and Dot to Dot tap make tap exercises fun and Melody Bear’s Spanish Mumba and Canadian Hoedown have everyone dancing!  Other themes and exercises include: Bubbles in the Bath, Hide and Seek, Queen of Bhangra, Magic Glove, Dice Games and French Picnic to name a few.  Great songs, tunes and exercises to inspire and engage young dancers.First tap and modern

Our First Tap and Modern class runs on Saturday 9.30-10.30

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