Foundation Tap, Ballet & Modern with Melody Bear age 5-6

Foundation Tap & Modern with Melody Bear is based around Melody Bear performing in a show at a theatre.  Children join Melody Bear as she nervously warms up to perform.  Her ‘I am a Star’ exercise reassures Melody Bear and her dancers that they have the confidence and self-belief to perform.   After the warm-ups the class plan is divided into Acts, with Act I as the ‘Dance of the Drum’ with routine choices including Melody Bear’s Native American story ‘Little White Dove’, Safari foundation tap and modern 2
Explorer or Steel Drum Carnival.  Act 2 includes the modern showstopper routines of the Chocolate Factory and Wizard Academy.  The change into tap shoes is introduced as the
interval with Act 3 including a range of tap exercises using music from past decades.  Act 4 includes the tap showstopper routines of the Olden Days Playtime and At the Races.  Melody Bear’s Showstopper routines are based on musical theatre shows to perform as class routines reinforcing the musical theatre thematic thread of this syllabus.


Our Foundation Tap and Modern Class is held on Saturday’s 10.30am-11.30am

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